The Oziel Family

Ma Esther and Papi Oziel
Papi and Ma Esther Z'L'

Samuel Oziel Z"L" Ish Ha Elokim and His Beloved wife, Esther Oziel Z"L"

We Love and Miss  you, always.

 A Living Heritage from Morocco

Papi and Ma Esther, you made us better.

Better Jews
, Better spouses, Better people.

Mazel Tov to Shubba on her Sweet Sixteen!


From the love between Papi and Ma Esther began a family and its own tradition that lives to this very day.

Papi and his beloved wife, Esther, were from Tangiers, Morocco. At a time when being Jewish was becoming dangerous, Papi and Ma Esther picked up their humble belongings and children and left Morocco to live in Toronto Canada. Papi faced very tough and hard times as many immigrants commonly do. Add to the hardships a man who was devoted to a life of Mitzvahs Hashem and who was a Yiras Hashem which clearly limited Papis' ability to secure decent paying employment. With great courage and uncanny belief that Hashem would protect his family, there was only a straight line Samuel Oziel Z'L' would follow. And Papi, as we always lovingly called him, followed this line religiously and without hesitation.

The result of his religious lifestyle has laid the foundation for a family that are extremely close, caring and compassionate. The tradition of zochar and shomer Shabbos, including family dinner and family lunch on Shabbos and Yom Tov followed by a 'Tea Time' have also proven to keep the family together and united. For Samuel Z'L' and Esther Oziel, family is, and was everything.

To Papi, the adherence of Minhagim (customs דער שטייגער לעבען) and Halacha (The strict embodiment of Jewish Torah Law) were absolutely paramount in raising a family with values and ethics. In short, Samuel Oziel was an exemplary ben Torah.

Later in life, Papi enjoyed the nachos of family who always went out of their own busy lives to see to what the precious mother and father might need or just to spend time with them.

This is what life is really about! For the things that Papi has done for his family and what that family has turned out to be, cannot be bought with money.

Samuel Oziel was a tzadik (A righteous man) in my own time. How very fortunate for those that had the luck to be associated with and befriended by such a man.

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